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Company Registration at Tbilisi, Georgia


To register a new company is quite easy and straight forward process especially when you decide to visit Georgia. We will assist you with a whole process, we prepare The Charter of your new Georgian company, we will act as you translator at the authority (requred) and make ready all required documentation. In the case you decide to register a new LLC company remotely (and not to use a readymade company that is easy to start and with active IBAN corporate account) we are ready to help!


Company Registration price list 

Georgian  LLC company registration 
LLC company registration with a legal address in Tbilisi, Georgia - registration with a presence of the client at Tbilisi (the authority fees are covered by the client) 1450 ₾ / 507 €
LLC company registration with a legal address in Tbilisi, Georgia - remote registration with Power of Attorney and copy of passport (Apostilled or Legalized) 3580 ₾ / 1280 €






What is included:

  1. Registration of the company (with up to 2 individual directors and up to 2 indicidual shareholders). In the case of more indicidual directors  shareholders or corporate shareholder(s) please contact us for a quotation of the legal translation. 
  2. First 12 months of legal address with a virtual office service in Tbilisi for free. From the next period the price is 756 GEL for 12 months. 
  3. Registration of the company at Revenue Service portal (user ID and password are provided)
  4. English and Georgian company eletronic corporate certificate, For extra fee we can prepare Apostilled corporate certificate, the charter and founders agreement. 
  5. All legal and notarial expenses plus fees incl. passport and Power of Attorney legal translation incl. atatched Apostille or Legalization (note: special conditions for point one). 


Corporate IBAN bank account opening for newly establised company 

For bank account opening it is necessary that the client - director(s) will provide additonal Power of Attorney after the LLC comapny is formated in the case of remote opening. TBC Bank do not open corporate accounts with Power of Attorney. 


Corporate IBAN bank account opening price list 

Corporate IBAN bank account opening for newly established company 
Corporate IBAN bank account opening  - opening with a presence of the client at Tbilisi 840 ₾ / 300 €
Corporate IBAN bank account opening with Power of Attorney - remote opening with Power of Attorney and copy of passport (Apostilled or Legalized) 1400 ₾ / 500 €
New bank fee for KYC (since 2022) - 3rd party payment at Bank of Georgia and TBC Bank (in the case director(s) is / are foreigners) 500 





What is included:

  1. Personal assitance of one of our account manager during all visits at the bank and KYC procedure.


What is not included:

  1. Additional personal and corporate support KYC documents during KYC that might be requsted by the bank.Service upon request.


Timeframe of Georgian company registration 

Standard registration of a new lLLC company takes 2 working days. In the case you prefer fast track registration in 1 business day we can apply with you for expedited registration for the fee of 400 GEL paid to the authority (instead of standard fee of 200 GEL).


Once the company is registered the next step is the activation to access a Revenue Service to the tax portal and corporate bank account. Please mote that banks in Georgia currently requires 5 working days to consider your application and for KYC process. Due current situation at Ukraine this time can be even exceeded by some of Georgian banks. In the case you cannot stay in Georgia for a longer period you can consider to buy a ready made Georgian LLC company from us and save time. 


Georgian LLC company registration is classic way hot to start doinmg business in Georgia and from Georgia. You can call us for more information 7 days a week on (+995) 593 800 550.