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Get a Legal Address or Virtual Office for Your Company in Tbilisi, Georgia


Register your company’s office in Tbilisi, Georgia.  You don’t have to pay expensive rent for the office if your company doesn’t need one, instead get a virtual office which will elevate your brand. You are one step away to have legal address for your company. The whole process is very easy, leave us a message and our team with English Russian and Georgian speaking assistants will contact you. 



Reserve a legal address at Tbilisi from 750 GEL / anually or virtual office with life assistant on the phone in Tbilisi, Georgia from 1056 GEL / anually.

Your company needs to have a registered office. If you don't want to use your home address as the registered office or you want to move to another place virtual office is right choice for you. Having a virtual office is a legal solution that many people use, it allows you to have office without physical present. This virtual office needs to be able to receive mail at that address. 

If you still have questions, look at our Q&A

1. What is the procedure for setting up a virtual office address? 
You have to leave us a message with detailed information and one of our English Russian and Georgian speaking assistants will contact you to arrange the meeting or we can take care to everything by email.

2. What you need to set up a registered office address? 
You need to give us ID card or passport of your company director. If you are acting on behalf of someone else, you will also need to have their power of attorney.

3. Why you need to set up a virtual office if you can use your home address? 
You can use your home address as the office for your company, but all your business documents and materials will arrive in your home postbox.

4. Who can use virtual office address? 
Anyone who wants to separate their home and business address. 
Anyone who cannot have a registered office at their place of residence, people who rent an apartment.

Anyone who wants their company registered at a prestigious address in Tbilsi


5. How long does it takes to set up virtual office address?
It only takes one personal meeting, and you can have the perfect registered office for your company. The entire process can also be arranged remotely via e-mail and mail. We will send you the property owner’s approval, stating you can use the chosen address as a registered office address, by priority mail immediately after we receive payment.