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IT Virtual Zone Status Company


The benefits of IT Virtual Zone Status Company in Georgia are as follows:


Corporate income tax exemption: Companies with IT Virtual Zone Status enjoy a 0% corporate income tax rate instead of the standard 15% on foreign income.

Tax on distributed dividends: Only distributed dividends are taxed at a reduced rate of 5% for non-resident shareholders.

VAT exemption: Companies with IT Virtual Zone Statusare exempt from paying value-added tax (VAT).

Quick company setup: Setting up or purchasing a company with IT Virtual Zone Status can be done within one business day. The license is grented from 5 to 30 days. 

No annual license fee: There is no annual license fee payable for maintaining the Virtual Zone status.

High level of confidentiality: The Virtual Zone status provides a high level of confidentiality for companies operating in the IT sector.

Access to a skilled workforce: Georgia has a growing pool of skilled IT professionals, making it an attractive location for IT companies.

Favorable business environment: Georgia offers a favorable business environment with a low bureaucracy and streamlined procedures.

International recognition: IT companies with <Virtual Zone Status in Georgia enjoy international recognition and credibility.



IT Virtual Zone Status LLC Company price list


IT VIrtual Zone Status Company
Limited Virtual Zone Status Ready Made Company from year 2023 with legal address in Tbilisi, Georgia and active IBAN account - transfer with a presence of the client at Tbilisi 4420 ₾ / 1580 €
Limited Virtual Zone Status Ready Made Company from year 2023 with legal address in Tbilisi, Georgia and active IBAN account - remote transfer with Power of Attorney and copy of passport (Apostilled or Legalized) 4420 ₾ / 1580 €





The active IBAN corporate bank account (EURO USD and GEL) is open at Bank of Georgia (in most cases). 


Virtual Zone Status company includes: 

  1. The Virtual Zone Company is exempted from VAT (18%) and Corporate Income Tax (15%)  if the company provides service abroad
  2. The Virtual Zone Company LTD company with full set of company cetificates in English and Georgian
  3. Registration of "IT" Virtual Zone Status with digital licence in Georgian obtained within 5 days from the company registration (anyhow the authority might extend this period due high number of applications)
  4. Digital Company incorporation certificate in English and Georgian
  5. Registred legal address in Tbilisi for 12 months
  6. Tax registration of the company with Revenue Service office
  7. Fully paid all registration authority, administrative and notary fees

If you you are interested in readymade IT company registered in Georgia or you need to incorporate a new LLC company in Georgia with the virtual office service, we can help you to get a Status of Virtual Zone Person within a short time and to enjoy this innovation, attractive environment and favorable tax regime in Georgia.


How to buy Ready Made Company with Virtual Zone Status with us

To order and buy a company remotely, please send us on email info@companyregistration.ge following information:

1. A copy of the passport of the director(s) and shareholder(s) of the company
2. Data for issuing an invoice - who order the company
3. Contact email for the company certificate (or we will give you access to an existing email)
4. Desired company name - if you want to change existing ready made company name (or you can keep the existing one)

We will start immediately process of on boarding, prepare all necesarry documents once we will recieve your payment proof. Afterwards we will wait for Power of Attorney and copy of passport with Apostille / Legalization. 

All prices are charged in Georgian lari (GEL).


Georgian Virtual Zone Status lincense give new opportunities for IT companies and it is becoming interesting especially for international clients. You can call us for more information 7 days a week on (+995) 593 800 550.